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Hi, My name is Lee, and I’m new here. I started my journey into mnemonics shortly after listening to “Moonwalking with Einstein” by Josh Foer.

My current best memory feat is memorizing 49 digits of pie (during commercial breaks of a movie), and memorizing a few chapters of a really technical Statistics book written for data scientists.

I am a senior developer, so I hope to use mnemonics mainly to memorize vast sets of technical documentation and books. It’s been less than a month, and I haven’t even finished my 2-digit Major System, so I’m hoping to grow tremendously.

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

What statistics book are you reading?


Practical Statistics for Data Science, by Peter and Andrew Bruce

(Josh Cohen) #4

Nice, I’ve flipped through that book at the bookstore but haven’t read it. It looked interesting.


It’s really helpful as a catch-up book to somewhat-advanced statistics, especially as it applies to machine learning

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I can’t remember how I came across his book but it seems to be the doorway into the realm of memory for a lot of people