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(Tom Sather) #1

2212019 Hello from Minneapolis! I’m a 59 year old, IT Client Support. I think i have a bad memory often forgetting things told to me, dates, appointments, series of to-do’s, etc. I’d like to be able to remember these practical things. I’m also worried that I will I, like my mother, will get dementia. I’ve read a few things on the web about memory training and it’s possible effects to put off or diminish the extent of dementia. And now that I’ve started looking at books and this website i’m finding this study and practice of memory to pretty interesting.

A long time ago I was seduced by a late night infomercial for Mega-Memory, Kevin Trudeau. All I remember learning was the Major system, although I don’t recall hearing that name. In the last few weeks I’ve revived it and practice when I see house numbers and license plates. I ran across a website that taught how to memorize cards so I’ve been able to memorize a full deck…slowly but with steady improvement. That system used the Major System, with Spades (one point on a spade) ending in t or d, knot, meat, rat for 2, 3, 4 of Spades. Hearts (two sides), end in n : nun, moon, rain for 2, 3,4. Clubs (three lobes?) end with m: knome, mime, ram etc. Diamonds (4 sided) end with r, so: Nehru, mirror, oreo.

I’ve been using members of the Grateful Dead to remember personal life reminders. I have another series of pegs to remember things to do at work…but have have discontinued because my practice with cards had some image overlap with that list and my emphasis lately has been the cards, i figure I’ll come up with another series.

For days, starting with Monday: mountain, tunnel, wedding, desert (thirsty place), sky as in sky day, saturn, sun.

For months: incomplete (Jan; new years/party hats), Feb (hearts), march (soldiers marching…), not really practiced…would welcome your suggestions

For hours of the day: 1 flagpole, 2 bicycle, 3 tripod, 4 table, 5 glove, 6 six shooter pistol, 7 pill caddy, 8 eight ball, 9 cat, nine lives…but now see image overlap with my card images…maybe cloud 9?, pregant woman 9months…nine ball…10, ten gallon hat, 11 snake as in snake eyes, and 12, dozen eggs. For half past “thirty” image become dirty.

Took a crack at a memory palace of my home.

I like the animal peg list I saw on this site.

I’m wondering since my playing card pegs are fairly solid…how to integrate them into pegs up to 100 or more to better capture numbers.

Another thing I had been wondering about is a way to remember Irish tunes. I’m learning Irish Traditional music and there a lot!! of tunes. I was delighted to see another member here is interested in the same thing.

All the best,

(Josh Cohen) #2

If you’re still working on that there are a few ways that people do it.

One idea is to link groups of numbers to suits. For example:

  • 1 to 13 for spades (Ace to King)
  • 21 to 33 for hearts (Ace to King)
  • etc.

Another idea is to use the first digit as the value and the second digit as the suit. I did it like this:

  • Ace of Spades is the same image as 10 – 1 for ace and 0 for spades
  • 2 of Spades is the same image as 20
  • 3 of Spades is the same image as 30
  • etc.
  • Ace of Hearts is the same image as 14 – 1 for ace and 4 for hearts
  • 2 of Hearts is the same image as 24
  • 3 of Hearts is the same image as 34
  • etc.
  • Ace of Diamonds is the same image as 14 – 1 for ace and 1 for diamonds
  • 2 of Diamonds is the same image as 21
  • 3 of Diamonds is the same image as 31
  • etc.
  • Ace of Clubs is the same image as 17 – 1 for ace and 7 for clubs
  • 2 of Clubs is the same image as 27
  • 3 of Clubs is the same image as 37
  • etc.

Once you have the card images translated into 52 to numbers, then you can fill out images for the other 48 numbers from 00-99.

(I hope I’m understanding your question correctly. :slight_smile: )