New Member: Vinicius, Brazil

Hi! My name is Vinicius Munhoz, 27, and I’m a software developer from Brazil.

I’m learning from this forum and wiki for a couple of weeks, and decided to be part of the community.

My journey with mnemonics began a long time ago (12 years ago I think), when I listened to an audio lesson about it. At the time I learned to create exagerated images and use them to remember random lists of words. But it was just that.

Fast forward to the past few weeks, I decided to learn it all again (mostly when I heard about memory palaces), and discovered so many incredible techniques. I’m traingin and creating my major system lists, PAO lists…

My main goal is to be able to remember more about the books I read (fiction, technical information, theology books). I also want to memorize some bible verses.

I’m happy to be here!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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