New Member: Vhxu, Vietnam

Hi I’m Vhxu, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Asia. I’m an asexual and I love studying about memory techniques. I think it’s a great tool for me to write stories and become a good writer. The book “Hannibal” helped me to find this place and I’d love to learn more about this great topic to improve myself and for my characters also. I’ve tried some techniques of Sherlock Holmes or Hannibal Lecter and it’s quite hard to creat my own mind palace base on others. I love the baroque and gothic style but it seems like I don’t have much experiences. So I’m here to learn new things.



Be sure to explore the Resources available in the link above. There’s a surprising amount of information there, including descriptions and examples of a variety of memory techniques.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

If you mean you find it hard to use the memory-palace technique using the examples of these fictional characters, that’s not surprising! Explore a little bit here in the Forum (and in the Resources) for real-life examples of how to make the most effective use of this ancient memory technique. (It goes back a number of centuries before Arthur Conan Doyle ever thought of Sherlock Holmes.)

But if you mean that you find it hard to use others’ suggested memory palaces for storing your own information, I would encourage you to instead use places you personally know well for your memory palaces: a childhood home, a business office, a school or place of worship, and so on. And it doesn’t even have to be a building; many here use their neighborhood or towns they’ve visited to create memory journeys that can be used for storing a large amount of information.