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I am a polymath, computer scientist, and amateur linguist. I have been interested in what is commonly referred to as the “art of memory” for quite some time, and lurk on this forum often. I am here to learn more in that regard, and to share any interesting ideas I may have.

Currently, I am interested in utilizing computers (more specifically, smartphones and tablets) to augment and facilitate consistent and reliable memory. I am also working on multiple systems for personal use; ranging from verbatim memorization to formulae, as well as more niche topics.

Thank you for reading.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Your projects sound interesting. I hope you will share what you are doing.


Could you flesh it out a bit? Be a bit more specific?

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Hello, MMScotofGlasgow.

In regard to verbatim memorization, I’m toying around with the idea of generating conventions derived from simplifying grammar rules, dialects, and linguistics. The current issue with this system, which I am trying to address, is that it is far too inconsistent to be used practically.

In regard to mnemonics for aiding with memorizing formulae, I would prefer to keep that under wraps until I can present the system with full confidence. I am certain that a few ideas I have are redundant, but I will share them regardless.

Not sure I’m any the wiser for reading that…

As far as I’m aware the well publicised systems for actors seem more than satisfactory for verbatim memorisation - the challenge seems to lie more in increase speed and shave a few points off the scheduled rep needed for learning verbatim to make the system usable for "say’ speeches or pitches. If you have something specific already developed rather than an idea or a work in progress there’s loads of folk here who’d love to see any original stuff you’ve got to post.

Welcome to the forum

Yup, plz share what you find. You may like Anki.