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Hi all,

I am new to the art of memory and learning the techniques that aid in improving memorization. My journey is one for enhancing quality of life as well as possibly competing.

However, one question I continually ask is what system should be attempted first? For instance, I have a strong desire to learn cards and numbers, but am unsure about which system to focus, such as Association, Major, Dominic, or PAO.

Should these be attempted sequentially or should I focus on one method?

Good luck to everyone!



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You probably don’t need to use them all. They are just different ways of associating numbers with images. Once you can associate the numbers with images, the system becomes less important.

You can’t go wrong with a major system (with or without PAO). If you don’t like the major system, then associations and the Dominic system work too.


For me, i’ll advice to be familiar with PA or PAO system.

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Dominic method (a Person and an Action) would suffice. I tried the Major System but I wasted too much time deciding the images, at the end of the day, PA will make you faster from the get go. You memorize in the case of numbers 4 digits at a time, and cards 2 at a time. Although, you can make your own combination: Person Action Object Character Fruit Animal… Or even multiple actions per number/card. Don’t use too much time doing lists, and don’t waste time bringing “what’s more memorable for you” or “what makes you happy”. Friend, what you want is mnemonics images for the memorization of numbers and cards, you don’t need to love the pictures, they don’t have to be significant, they don’t have to be according to a system (1-T, 2-B…).

I would recommend you to do it without system and aid yourself with the method of loci to memorize the mnemonics of you peg list: 100 spot and maybe multiple places. Memorize them ten by ten. That’s how I did mine, in 3 days. The list took me much time, because I did one, and then decided to make another and then I did a system for myself, a major list, a dominic list, all for nothing at the end. So, many people where already attached to some numbers (15 Einstein, 18 Anne Hathaway, 23 Benedict Cumberbatch), I did a PA, the actions were all fresh… you know what here’s my list:

00 Sylvester Stallone AK47 shooting
01 Stephen Amell Bow Shooting
02 Sandra Bullock Hug
03 Sunita Mani Blocking/Shielding herself
04 Sarah Rafferty Eat
05 Shia LaBeouf Yell
06 Scarlett Johansson Skating
07 Selena Gomez Hammer
08 Stephen Hawking Impale
09 Sarah Paulson Jog
10 Amanda Schull Knock
11 Amy Adams Unplug
12 Antonio Banderas Mold
13 Anya Chalotra Teleport
14 Alisen Down Write
15 Albert Einstein Push
16 Anna Frank Read
17 Ariana Grande Sing
18 Anne Hathaway Squatting
19 Aaron Paul Touch
20 Barack Obama Unbox
21 Ben Affleck (Ad) Drunk / Puking
22 Bugs Bunny Dress Up
23 Benedict Cumberbatch Kneel
24 Bae Doona (Ad) Horned/Growing Horns
25 Bruce Lee Kick
26 Benjamin Franklin Hold
27 Lucy Liu Catch
28 Lara Pulver Dig
29 Natalie Portman Stomp
30 Charlie Sheen Smoke
31 Charlize Theron (Ad) Winged/Grow wings
32 Milla Jovovich Shaking
33 Meghan Markle Cook
34 Margot Robbie Jump
35 Clint Eastwood Shooting with gun
36 Morgan Freeman Levitating
37 Louise Brealey Handstand
38 Chris Hemsworth Skip
39 Maisie Williams Sit
40 Laurence Fishburne Break
41 Danny Trejo Ride
42 Drew Barrymore Run
43 Daniel Craig Cry
44 Ryan Reynolds Explode
45 Rose Leslie Fire up
46 Richard Feynman Swing
47 David Guetta Sleep
48 David Hume Hoop dance
49 Rosamund Pike Ice Up
50 Emma Stone Poop
51 Eva Amurri Blow
52 Emily Blunt Carry
53 Emilia Clarke Throw
54 Leonardo DiCaprio Electrify
55 Elizabeth Lail Surf
56 Elle Fanning Wave
57 Eva Green Laugh
58 Emily Hampshire Mop
59 Ellen Page Swim
60 Jason Statham Shave
61 Jessica Alba Taking pictures
62 Justin Bieber Bathing
63 James McAvoy Crawl
64 Joe Rogan Listen
65 Jennifer Lawrence Clap
66 Fin Jones Iron Fist
67 John Krasinski Drag
68 Jonah Hill Shrink
69 Joaquin Phoenix Juggling
70 Gaby Spanic Walk
71 Gina Torres Glue
72 Kate Beckinsale Kiss
73 Gabriel Macht Screw
74 Krysten Ritter Pick
75 Keanu Reeves Dodge
76 Will Smith Roll
77 Gal Gadot Deflect
78 Lenita Susi Cut
79 Gwyneth Paltrow Zip
80 Hailee Steinfeld Iron
81 Angelina Jolie Deconstruct
82 Halle Berry Paint (on object not on painting)
83 Henry Cavill Lifting
84 Hugh Dancy Meditate
85 Harry Lennix Putting Glasses On
86 Harrison Ford Lash (hands or loci)
87 Ella Eyre Transmute
88 Emma Watson Comb
89 Lea Seydoux Dance
90 Michael Fassbender Bend
91 Isaac Asimov Turning into light
92 Isaac Newton Drop
93 Penelope Cruz (Ad) Giant / becoming giant
94 Natalie Dormer Free falling (like skydiving)
95 Idris Elba Play videogames
96 Melissa Benoist Heat vision (Supergirl/Superman)
97 Neil Gaiman Playing Violin
98 Melissa Roxburgh Push-ups (Body exercise)
99 Sophia Lillis Lick


  • It is all about your dominion of the concepts of location, imagination and association.
  • Your pictures for people and actions can be anything and anyone.
  • You actions don’t need to be perform the same but each people.
  • When memorizing I see the Person perform Action on locus.

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Hello! Welcome to AOM! It’s super cool you know all these techniques, though, you probably just need one system and stick with it. If you find it’s hard for you to improve or to get the hang of it, you can switch.

Maybe you could try starting with the Major System and if you want to get even faster, try the PAO? That’s just my opinion, and I’m sure any of these systems would work great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcomes from Texas, Twyn! I’m glad you’re thinking about competing from the jump! Hope to see myself at a competition one day, and I hope to see you there too!