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Greetings, I’ve started to learn about memory and I’m starting to get the hang of it. Currently I’m writing 00-99 using the major system, which is pretty hard but I’m on 09 right now and I am also learning the method of Loci which was pretty easy to get the hang of but still requires significant amount of practice. Probably later maybe a week or two I can start applying these two systems to together to be able to be much faster when memorizing numbers.

One question though do i need to memorize 100 words associating with numbers or should I just be really comfortable with the major system? For example when I see the sequence of numbers 9202 I can tell that that is BeN playing with Sans. Hopefully I will be able to master these useful and unique skill.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

I think that most people have fixed images for each 2-digit number. For me 9202 is always an epinephrine pen (92) sticking into Zeus (02).

(I’m not using the major system, but my system is similar.)

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can you tell me more about your system?

It started out as a 2-digit Major System, but then I started switching to the Ben System. I changed the sound assignments and then expanded it to 2- and 1-digit numbers too.

I designed the system to only have one syllable per number/image. The syllables are created like this:

  • 1-digit — vowel
  • 2-digits — consonant-vowel
  • 3-digits — consonant-vowel-consonant (full Ben System, but with modified sound assignments)

Some 2-digit images are left over from my old Major System images, like 45, which is weRewoLf, but it’s now pronounced “RAI” to fit into the new system.

More details are here. Basically, it’s a modified Ben System that was adapted for 1- and 2-digit numbers in addition to 3-digit numbers.

As a personal note, I just learned 0-9. If you know 0-9 very well, and try to practice using 0-9 in a well-known palace for real-life uses, I think that gives a huge reward to actually see it in action and get used to “using it” in real life, gives confidence.

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