New Member : Threepwood, 34, Israel. An excited newbie.

Hello Everyone,

I came here after watching the Netflix documentary about the memory games, this was kind of coincidental with me finishing a book by a hebrew author about memory.

The book along with the netflix documentery really sparked something within me in terms of realizing the potential this has on self development and mind training.

I am also an aspiring card player, so being able to both memorize cards as well as perform mental math, as well as commit to memory the study I do off the tables in terms of probabilities, equities and more complicated calculations are of paramount importance to me.

Wasn’t sure where to start, so begun here !

Right now my challenge is to memorize a table of ratios and odds I have created which I am fluent with but look to have it ‘burned’ harder into my memory.

Excited to start this journey !


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: