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Tell us about yourself - Hello there, thanks for reading…as you can tell from the user name, I’m new to the whole memory improvement forum thing, but ive been aware of Memory techniques for about 20 years now. I’m in my 40’s and live in the UK all my life.

How did you find about memory techniques? - About 20 years ago when going to college I wanted to try and “get an edge”, as I was not the smartest and struggled to efficiently take in all the information. (At least that’s how it felt while studying) by chance I found out about Mind Maps and the like, which led onto memory experts etc etc and my interest when from there.

What did you like about them most? – What amazed me was that it seemed that these guys almost had a “superhuman skill” that anyone could do, I wanted that for myself, as id never really been a guy that had achieved anything much in life that extraordinary…been pretty much of an underachiever that always gave up early.

What is your current best memory feat? Nothing special to be honest - can use the Memory Peg system to get 10 items of shopping in my head (zero – hero, one – ton, two – shoe etc etc) Pretty basic but I can manage it, felt amazing when it worked!!! So want to learn more and get better at it and other systems…and this time actually stick with it!!!

What’s currently your biggest challenge when it comes to getting the memory you want? – finding names of people for the Dominic System ESPECIALLY the words under letter O. Also not being stuck by ”analysis paralysis”, and the dreaded “f##karounditis (sadly I’ve suffered from that my entire adult life lol :grinning:)

What’s the big goal you want to achieve? Honestly to just be able to use my memory better and also do things like remembering a deck of cards would be nice, as that’s where most of the main guys started…what I would REALLY LOVE, would be if I could get to a point that my memory was a tool that I could use to my advantage to help me out in the workplace, or education etc.

What have you tried so far? What worked, what didn’t? Bought a good few memory books in my 20’s ranging from Tony Buzan to Andy Bell and Dominic O’brien, but never had the heart to stick with them, (see above f##karounditis) just expected that by owning the books id somehow been smarter and it would work, never had the patience to get them to “stick”, was always going to “do it tomorrow” if that makes sense? As mentioned earlier tried the PEG system and found that it works, also tried MIND MAPS but sadly have to say that I could never get the ideas to “branch out” properly :grimacing:…just being honest. For some reason Dominic O’brien seems to interest me and I like the idea of his “Dominic system”….just seems to make sense quite well from what I have seen of it.

Why did you decide to become an Art of Memory member? Saw the forum and thought that I might need to ask for help etc, also if I got good etc I could maybe help others and be part of an active community. Also would keep me motivated, as im terrible for joining things and then just kinda letting it fizzle out… (see above – fu##arounditis)

Again thank you for reading, and feel free to get back to me…most of my messages (im guessing) will be in the “Dominic System” part of the forum, as I will maybe need advice/guidance etc to fine tune that…determeined to stick with this, gave up on a LOT of things in the past, wanna actually be succesful for a change :slight_smile:


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t read it yet, you might like the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. It has good tips for getting into a routine.

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Had never heard of that book before, thank you will look it up :slight_smile: