New member: Teamydear, Luxembourg

I’m a diplomat and parent, a singer, musician and polyglot.
Found information on this website via the Superhuman Academy Podcast and am intrigued.

My interest is peaked for the following reasons:

  1. My job.
    It seems diplomats need to know a lot of everything! I see the following categories of knowledge I need to try to retain as much as possible:
    a. Information on my own country
    b. Information on the country I am posted in
    c. Information on the news and world politics
    d. Information on how international organisations work
    e. Information related to the files I am working on.
    f. Information on history and other general knowledge, it seems like diplomats need to know a little bit of everything and not just for random conversations, it just seems expected that we need to be aware of everything.
    I would like to make my first trials at memorization in this area by learning to retain the following items (I work on enlargement of the European Union right now):
    i. Names of presidents, prime ministers, ministers of foreign offers and other ministers in case of need, as well as EU Commissioners.
    ii. Connecting the numbers of the chapters of the acquis communautaire to their topic and knowing which country has which chapters opened and closed.
    iii. Other numbers and facts relating to those countries (GDP growth, main export and import countries etc) and bilateral relations (ambassador names, what agreements we have, what sectors do we trade in)
    I read up a bit but am still debating which methods to use to memorize these, I guess palaces for some and pegs for others.

  2. Parent
    I would like to teach my children to learn in a better way. I am sad I forgot so many of the things I learned.

  3. Singer / Musician
    Retain information about chords, learn to play songs by heart. Lyrics I am good at remembering already.

  4. Polyglot
    Use memory techniques to help me keep up my language skills. Lack of practice is bringing them down.

I have not tried any method yet except SRS. I would just like to start trying this out and then keep improving myself. Thank you for letting me join!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a how to learn memory techniques page with some resources.