New Member: Syed from Dubai, U.A.E

Hi everyone.

My name is Syed and I’m a 27yr old man who has always had a bad short and long term memory. About two months ago I met a distant relative who had severe Alzheimer’s and it made me want to do something about my memory. I am a researcher and a have spent a lot of time rote learning things by walking about repeating things out loud in order to get them in my head.

The first thing I did was reddit ‘how to improve my memory’ which led me to Joshua Foer and so on. I have been collecting palaces for the past two weeks and have gotten the hang of the major system (haven’t gotten to PAO yet). In the last week and a half I’ve memorized:

  1. Simple to-do lists
  2. List of people who walked on the moon
  3. All NASA administrators
  4. Credit card numbers
  5. All of my family and friends’ passport numbers

These are really short lists and relatively simple, I wanted to challenge myself this week and get to memorizing the names of the countries and their capitals. Being overwhelmed and confused to the initiation of such, I googled help and found this forum and have spent the better part of the last hour reading threads and knew I should say hi and thank you guys for everything that has been posted here and the help you guys provide to everyone who seeks it here.


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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard! It’s an exciting adventure learning far better ways to remember.

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