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Hi there,

I’m Steve, originally from the United States, however, I currently reside in the Kingdom of Sweden due to A: Job-related reasons or B: I’m an international fugitive.

Moving on…

I’m a close-up magician and a few days ago after a year or two of wanting (but not being entirely sure how) to memorize a deck of playing cards I finally committed myself to do so using the Memory Palace technique and Peg & Linking Systems I read in a Harry Lorayne publication and I’ll be… It worked!

Only after a few hours I knew the order forwards, backwards and by number. It’s been approximately three days since and I know it perfectly.

This has motivated me to pursue other memory feats such as memorizing Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ (haven’t quite figured out how to begin using these techniques with text and will have to search the forum for that) and memorizing the Periodic table of elements.

Looking forward to conversing with and learning from you all.

— Steve


Välkommen :slight_smile: Are you based in Stockholm? Any interest in the competitive aspect of memory or purely for own enjoyment?

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Tack! :smiley: No, I’m located just outside of Göteborg, but I’ve taken a trip to Stockholm via train and had a good time.

I have not considered the competitive side just yet, I’m still so new at this and need a while to practice getting better before I even dare to start thinking about competitions. It’s most certainly not out of the question, but I’ve got a lot of work to do!


I’m living in Göteborg myself. Every now and then there are meetings with the local mnemonists, let me know if ever you want to swing by. And by the way, everyone is welcome at competitions, it’s good fun and I promise that there’s no pressure from the top dogs on the newbies :slight_smile:

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