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Hi everyone,
So this is my first message and I am quite new to the art of memorisation. I recently completed a course on UDEMY on improving memory that introduced me to the Dominic system. Since then, I have found out about the Palace method too.

I have one BIG (and to me, it is REALLY BIG) reason for improving my memory. I have in the past attempted to learn 100s of verses section headings from the Bible. I have tried over a few years now and always found that by the time I had done the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John), I would start to loose some of what I (thought?) I had previously memorised. Over the years, this has frustrated me as I have put in probable 100s of hours! :frowning:

Learning so many verses from the Bible has some very specific challenges:

  1. John 3:16 is perhaps the best known verse in the New Testament, but most of the (66) books in the bible have a chapter 3 and verse 16! How can I ensure that these are not confused?
  2. If I use the Dominic system, certain people that I have associated with a number (and also their associated actions (perhaps in different places) will be used multiple times - again, how can I ensure that I don’t get confused?
  3. How can I ensure that the actual text (words) of a specific verse are steadfastly associated with the chapter and verse of the right book in the Bible?
  4. I do need the ability of being able to add new information at a future date.
  5. As test, I have tried the journey method (taking the largest 66 capitol cities in the world) to try to formulate a (in this case) 73 step journey (the number of ‘items’ that I want to learn) for the book of Matthew (which is the 40th book in the Bible and Luanda is the related capitol city of Angola for it. I carefully watched an 18 minute video on YouTube of someone driving around the streets of Luanda and by the end of the video, I was only able to note 51 points on the journey that I might have been able to use).

I would like to find the best method to learn 1000s of verses / section headings from the Bible that will keep things ordered and in place solidly before I try again to start the learning / association/Location/Imagination of the verses (I don’t want to waste 6 months trying something that just isn’t suitable for what I hope to do, then have to try again (and again?).

So, I am hoping that some of you amazing people might spare a little time (and your wonderful experiences and suggestions) as to the best method / process / way to start the above endeavour (that may well take years)

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried Bible memorization. You might want to search the forum for “Bible” to read previous discussions about it. Also check out How Do I Memorize a Dictionary? because the tasks might be similar in some ways.

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Hi Josh,
Thank you for the suggestions:slightly_smiling_face:: I will check out both of them and see what I can find out.:+1:

Take care,


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