New member Simon Kruizinga from Holland

Hello, everybody. I’m new here on the forum. I was facing a bore out a while ago. My work as a finance professional wasn’t challenging enough anymore and I had an unhealthy lifestyle. Fortunately, this has changed and I learned that everything that has happened to me is the result of the workings of my brain. Because of this I am intrigued by my brain and how it works. Because of this I started to study an optimal lifestyle for my brain. The right nutrition, exercise, relaxation and rest is very important.

A few months ago, in a podcast with former European record holder Pi remember Rick de Jong, I heard for the first time about memory techniques. From that moment on, it hasn’t let go of me. I have already devoured the books of Josh Foer and Lynne Kelly. I have had training from Rick and am now busy making the techniques more my own. So far I have only been busy with shopping lists, cards and I just made a 6 digit PAO system for numbers. Now I want to work on making enough memory routes to remember as much as possible. Starting with the number Pi. As a finance professional I have a thing with numbers :wink:

If you have any tips for beginners, please let me know! Otherwise there is more than enough to learn from you on this forum.

Kind regards Simon


Welcome to the forum!

Nog een Nederlander is altijd leuk :slight_smile:


Dutchies unite!

Welkom :smiley:

As a tip for beginners: have fun :slight_smile: that is the most important advice



True and you will. Greetings.

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