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Hi! I’m new in the forum. I very recently started learning about the Art of Memory and I’m reading Moonwalking with Einstein.
I’m recovering from an illness that affected both my body and my cognitive skills. For two years I wasn’t able to focus enough to read any book, let alone to study. I used to forget words and to forget conversations I had had one day before. Pre- illness I used to study a lot and I was quite academic.

Now I’m recovering both my strength and my “brain”. I started reading again and I’m studying Swedish and Italian (my mother tongue is Spanish and I speak Catalan and English too) using some mnemonic techniques. I don’t know the name of the technique I’m using but basically for any new word I create an image. For example, in Swedish “tycker om” means “to like”. So, I created an image of a girl named Tycka meditating (“Om”) and she says that she “likes meditating”. Duck is “anka”. In Spanish “anca” means “leg” (it’s not the usual word for leg). So, I create the image of a duck with a big leg. Etc. I’m fascinated at how well this technique works.
I plan to learn more and more techniques and to be able to learn and study again.

I’m learning the Art for Memory both to help myself with my recovery and also to help my kids (too of them are dyslexic) with their own studies and I’m very happy because it seems to help them a lot.

I’m happy to be here. Thanks for creating this space.


Good for you Sim. That’s really impressive. :slight_smile:

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