New Member: Shuazter, Brazil.

Hey guys!

My code name is Shuazter (I don’t remember when I adopted this name on the web, but I have used it for a long time, lol).

I am here because I have a lot of admiration for the skills of the mind’s athletes. As I am studying to become a police officer here in Brazil, I believe it is essential for me to perform well in the tests, the habit of training my mind. My exams will be more or less in 1 year from now, that’s why I have been studying night and day with Anki. I am studying by a method that teachers call reverse study. This study consists of answering several questions of the subjects that I need to master, without studying the theory beforehand. The theory only comes after exercise studies, according to them. I’m following the advice, but with a difference, I play all exercises within Anki to review the issues resolved. As they are usually multiple choice questions, I break the question down into several flashcards to follow the principle of minimal information, proposed by Piotr Wozniak.

Now I’m going to talk a little bit about how my interest in this world of memory came about …

I learned about the memorization techniques through an author among the best sellers, called Alberto Dell’Isola here in Brazil, he has already participated in a South American memorabilia peasant. In his books, he comments on memorization championships, he also comments on Dominic O’Brien. This sparked my interest in seeking more about this world of memory.

I have been watching a lot of videos of two champion subjects of the American memorization championship, called Nelson Delis and Ronie White, since Alberto Dell’Isola today is more focused on the study of hypnosis and has said little about memorization. I have even mentioned the two athletes a lot in my TCC (College Course Completion Work) at the university where I talk about algorithms and memorization using Anki and the effect of spacing on long-term memorization.

I spend most of my time inside Anki. Its addicting! I intend to learn a lot here about the different memorization techniques to be able to integrate with Anki, as I have read that Anki as the main exponent of the elongation of the forgetting curve only deals with one of the sins of memorization, which is the phenomenon of transience. I intend to improve the other sins, mentioned by Daniel Schacter, and be a less sinful student, lol.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Josh!