New Member: shaztoner from Devon England

Hi i have just started memory training again after just over 4 years relying on intuition I learned the dominic system back in 2011 and practiced daily until I could remember the sequence of a deck of playing cards in under 3 minutes and calculate days of the week from dates. I started doing my daily exercises on 11th August as i had lost the skill of calculating dates through lack of use, which i am happy to say I have relearned in the last week. I am using an online date generator to give me 6 random dates to calculate writing that down on a pad then memorising 52 cards then copying that to the pad then generating 5 random words and translating that into binary to ASCII standard on the pad also. I am currently trying to create a cohesive journey of 365 steps to use as a calendar.! I have absolutely no idea what my biggest memory feat is my brain is utterly clogged with nonsense. My memory isn’t actually as good as it used to be before my early 20s I wrecked it with my live fast die young living. Now in my 30s i am practicing the art of memory only in certain categories . I deliberately remember incorrect nonsense and sarcastic wrote replies in certain topics as a deterrent to time wasters wanting me to recite nonsense for them.

Happy Monday, shaz


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: