New member: sfep, Russia

Hi, my name is Eugene and i am very interested in medicine, natural sciences, cognitive biases and memory improvement. In February i found memory league on accident and really got into it for like 2 months. Now, with reinforced enthusiasm, want to advance my abilities in memory techniques.

I like to memorise words and want to improve my results in it. It would be great if someone tell me where i can find more information about memorising words. Also i would like to know more about how i can transform my 2 digit PAO for numbers into 3-2-3 PAO. I read few topics about it and didn’t really get it.

Btw, i’ve never seen community that great :slight_smile: Everyone here is so polite and supportive.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

You might have already seen them, but there are some posts on 3-2-3 PAO systems here:

and a discussion about Memory League words: How do you get faster at memorizing words ?

If you type “memorizing words” into the search box there should be some more results.


Welcome aboard Eugene! Enjoy your stay!