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Hi! I’ve been lurking a couple of months (my usual social media M.O.! :slight_smile:
I’ve always been interested in memory techniques; when I was still in elementary school I tried to get through The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas, but nothing lit my fire until last October (many, many years after elementary school!) when I picked up Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsely. Since then I’ve been reading a lot – I found Remember It! by Nelson Dellis really helpful and Lynne Kelly’s books and theories on memory have blown my mind open (both re memory and pre-literate cultures).
I’ve been practicing and am alternately amazed by what I can do (memorize a deck of cards!) and appalled (omg, it still takes me 15+ minutes to memorize a deck of cards!)
I’m not really sure where I’m going with my memory practice, but I’m having fun exploring. I do a little training most days and have a PAO major based system, several peg systems and memory palaces and have followed the introductory materials on this forum. I probably need to bump up to more deliberate practice to see more improvements and I’m grateful for this forum to be able to ask questions and get hints & tips.
Now back to lurking…


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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This was my first audiobook. I learned a lot.

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