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Hey, everyone . I’m 23, currently preparing for the competitive exam. I need to have conceptual clarity , memorize the technical terms , anecdotes as well as subjects like ethics , polity, sociology. I’m interested in public speaking as well. As i have been searching for a community where i can get mind liked people, i came across “Art of memory - forum.” I am facing problem in visualizing , especially the abstract ideas like , judicial review , ethics, attitutde, ethnicity etc…


Use the substitution method.
Even I’m preparing for ias.
I have memorised entire polity laxmikanth book in just 80 hrs.
With the help of memory techniques you can remember entire book with page number.

Welcome, Samjake!

Be sure to click on the Resources tab above and spend time reading the material offered there. And then take the time to practice the memory techniques you’ll learn about.

Memory techniques aren’t an instant, magic pill that suddenly makes it easy to remember everything you want. Some techniques will give near-instant benefits; others will require that you spend time learning them, laying a strong foundation so you can then use those techniques to manage more complicated—or large quantities of—information.

Finally, feel free to ask if you run into specific problems or have any issues understanding or implementing a memory technique.


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