New member: Sai , India,16.


Hello guys. I am Sreekar from India. I am currently studying in high school . I’m interested in learning mental math and my main goal is to participate in mental calculation world cup 2020 in Germany.



Which of the World Cup disciplines have you looked into thus far? Decided on systems for any of them?

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Mainly I’m interested in calendar calculations and
Rapid multiplication of 8x8 numbers.


In case you are calculating the year codes for the calendar calculation, you can have a look here to find out how you can use memory techniques to memorize the 100 codes instead. You will then get the year codes just as fast as you get the month codes:

I do 8x8 using crosswise… not sure how “rapid” rapid is for you… mental abacus (soroban) would be another way to consider.

How many dates per minute is your current best?
How long does it currently take you to do an 8x8?

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I’m still learning.