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Hey everyone! I’m Sachin. I am a doctor currently studying for an entrance exam in India. I stumbled across the memory methods in my first year of medical college when I saw the TED talk by Joshua Foer while the professor was boring us in the lecture hall (or so it seemed to me, or most of the students I guess). That led to me reading his book ‘Moonwalking with Einstein’ and further readings of authors like Harry Lorayne. But my interest faded as quickly as it rose when I thought that these techniques are of no use to me since I am not going to memorize any grocery lists. Of course the lack of guidance, as to how the very same methods could be used to memorize the entire course of the semester and most importantly the drive to improve, to try out something new, was wanting and thus the methods lay dismissed and unused for the better part of my college life.

Fast forward 5 years and the trauma of the sheer amount of knowledge, that had to internalized for the exam that I have to appear in, was only matched by the frustration of forgetting something that I had completely understood and yet failed to reproduce when needed in the tests. I asked my seniors for guidance as to how this could be improved, as to how I could remember the information, even though I have been at the same for more than 6-7 times of revision and the only response I got was try harder. I meant what?! And ultimately I could not live with my failures and where did that bring me? (LOL)

I took a course on Udemy by Jonathan Levi titled Superlearner 2.0. The gist of what is essentially the same as memory methods: to convert everything into images, see them vividly and then try to store them in the memory. I thought, rather disappointingly, “Oh this is the same as that book I read way back” and since I had no other left hope whatsoever, I tried the same while reading one of my chapters and boy! The information stuck in my mind like glue and it was clear like daylight. I was hooked! I realized that I had been doing this wrong my entire life: My brain remembered and was able to quickly come up with novel images and scenarios rather than remembering dry facts and numbers. This was the push that creaked those rusted gears in motion and I pushed myself further. I looked into other sources and reached Anthony Metivier. Bought his course and now I had the blueprint to train my memory. I quickly memorized the topics that had been plaguing my mind for the past years and it felt…frighteningly easy! Sometimes I thought that whether I was doing it right because I never remembered this being that easy. But it was.

I had a lot of trouble with the memory palaces in the beginning and that same trouble was what brought me on this forum. I have been reading on this site on and off for the past couple of months but off lately I found some really useful insights and advice that resonated with my problems and I decided to join this platform. I am excited to be here. And more so on the prospect of training my memory with the people who have had the same struggles as mine in their beginnings and overcame them. I hope I too can go toe to toe with them someday!

Thank you!
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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Glad and excited to be here! :blush:


Looking forward to hearing how you apply the techniques and what you discover going forward.


Welcome Sachin, from India!

You will get most of your answers just by searching your question key words in the forum search box. Trust me it is a treasure trove accumulated over years on this forum.

Let us all know what systems you are adopting to convert numbers into images, have you reached and chosen any systems from Major System or Dominic System. This forum also has one Ben System mentioned which is also adopted by many.

Hope we can share and learn from each other on this forum.


Thank you! Sure!

Thank you for your kind words Joshiji.

Major system. I am slowly building my own peg words on the same from 00-99. Other than that I am also working on the PAO system. The approach I am using is to use my college batchmates against there roll numbers, as much of them as I can recall from 1-99. Apart from those numbers it is hard work and mostly taxing when doing at a stretch. Maybe because I am a beginner. But hoping to catch up to speed gradually :sweat_smile:

My exam is just around the corner and, I know this is more of an excuse than the truth, I am not able to give ample time to explore various other systems. I am finding a lot of difficulty with my currents methods as such(encoding information in memory palaces and all) and I am slowly working on them. When I started off, I thought that it would be a breeze, that I would zoom past through the entire notes at a speed of 99 pages/second(though can I? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) but I have realized [fortunately] that this is actual hard work and I am also confident now that this hard work pays off in the long run. So baby steps for now I guess?

I am really glad for the extremely supportive teachers(like you) and students(like me) that are here on this platform. I likewise hope that I get to learn and give something useful back to this community and the people around me in the coming times.

Thank you once again!
Kind regards.


I am also doctor from India, preparing for entrance exam . ( Ayurveda exam) . For peg I memorised the words which form from phonetics. It’s easier to recall!