New Member: Sabina, Italy

Hello! I’m Sabina from Italy, I registered a while ago, stopped using the forum, but now I’m using it again. In the process I never really introduced my self!

So here I am. I first came across on memory techniques by a Derren Brown book on magic tricks. I was really intrigued by that and kept reading about it for a while when i was a teenager.

A few weeks ago I took a INT course and a chapter of that was memory! I felt like i had to regain prior knowledge on the topic, but this time was different. During the quarantine I was able other than reading the manuals, to also practice on memory techniques. Now I know the first 20 numbers after the comma of Pi and I can recall 14 numbers in 1 minute of memorization. Of course I just started 2 weeks ago.

I would like to partecipate to a memory challenge here in Italy when I’ll have the chance, but before that to learn a language (German) doing my best with memory techniques (I’ll need a hand with that).



Welcome Sabina, I’m new as well.
Stay safe over there!
Kind Regards