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Hi everyone!

My name is Wynand Malan and I’m from South Africa! I am looking for ways to improve my cognitive functions. So that I would be able to learn things faster and more effectively. I am planning to study a course through Unisa, about environmental management. I would like to save me some time and effort by learning these techniques. I finished reading Nelson Dellis’s book called Remember it! and watched the Netflix documentary called: Memory Games, wherein he also features.



Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Welcome Wynand Malan!
Please ask questions freely so other can help by answering them. Please create separate topics for every new question and idea. You may want to check the categories of posts which can be made on this forum.

Wish you enjoy your time on this forum

I’ll add my welcome as well!

And I’d encourage you to take some time to search the forum for specific areas of interest. There’s a lot of great advice here just waiting to be rediscovered.