New member: RJ from Arizona, USA

Hello, I’m RJ. I’m a teacher which is what got me started on this whole memory thing. I’ll admit I’m dang new to it and trying to accept my pace. Okay I’m actually only on day 3 of this journey and I’m wildly impatient with myself.

Over the Covid quarantine I began reading an immense number of books about education which brought me to the importance of knowledge and then how to get that knowledge to stick. The book Make It Stick made me pick up a Prime Reads freebie: Unlimited Memory. I was very skeptical because I come from a family of absentminded people. You know the type who often get stuck in a room confused why they are there.

Well I liked the books no excuses start and put some effort into the exercises. I was very surprised at how effective the loci methods were for me and the rhyme pegs I picked up with no problem. I memorized several if the example lists without problem. I even decided to use the method of loci my first day with the book to memorize the 50 states, spelling hints, and their approximate locations using my house. It took a while but I got it down the first day. Other than memorizing my times tables by brute force in the third grade, this is safly my greatest memory feat.

I did see there were some limitations. I was really interested in the major system (I’m not sure if I’m using that correctly) of remembering numbers. Dates and history is one that has always gotten the better of me. This system made me feel like I was back at square one again. Battling to remember what image fits with what number. Like 14 has switched between deer and door about 2 thirds of the time. I accept that it’ll take time to memorize the connection between the number and the image but tips would be appreciated.

My second challenge hit me today when I wanted to memorize the nine Greek muses and their influence. I thought, nine wasnt so much but I found I also needed a mnemonic for how to pronounce their names in addition to what they were a muse of and only got 5 loosely down much to my frustration. I think perhaps
I’ll admit I struggle not so much the visualization but the “sounds” like aspect of some of the techniques. Being told is one thing. Such as being told medicine can remind me of Madison was fine, but the opposite is brutal for me. Euterpe… Best I could do was imagine a EWE eating TERmite infested PEAs. And Clio, totally stumped me. I questioned if the number rhyme peg system was the best choice for this endeavor. Yet, 5 into 9 makes me hesitant to abandon it.

Anyway, I thought I would join the forum to read advice, ask for tips, and not feel alone in finding this study immensely interesting. I’ve shown three friends what I’ve been able to manage and they show interest and want to read what I’ve read but they haven’t exactly gotten started and as I mentioned before I can be terribly impatient.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: