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Hello my name is Ray,

I was first introduced with using Mnemonics when I was learning Spanish with the link word technique. That was a pretty helpful tool and later on I discovered the use of a Memory palace and recently the P.A.O. System. When learning Thai it was super useful to use the link method and when I have to store information I try to use some sort of technique now a days. When I was younger I could use my memory to store things without any techniques but now almost 50 I’m in need of techniques to hold information in my brain for longer periods.

At this moment my interest is in Chess and how to use the techniques there. I know that Simon Reinhard is doing this and a couple of other chess players so I know it is possible. I try to come up with a working system for endgames and for learning openings and key positions. This is a new approach for me because language learning is very different then Chess. I enjoy the process of figuring out how to encode the problem and make it practical, but it is a hard nut to crack for me. Also remembering strings of numbers is something that has my interest because it’s so practical.

My hobbies are Juggling, playing chess and reading and everything that has to do with brain improvement fascinates me. I hope to learn here more about techniques and to get my brain more activated and to see how much I can handle. I must say that the top memory athletes are doing things that I hardly can believe. The speed of memorizing cards and digits is just awesome and almost unbelievable. It’s exciting stuff to see what the brain can handle if you master some skills.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Hey Ray,

Wat een toeval. Ik ben vandaag weer begonnen met te posten op dit forum. en zit er al op sinds 2011. EN nu post jij ook iets, wat een toeval! We moeten zeker contact houden!

Great you are using PAO, works very well. I do have a book by dean vaughn i believe about applying mnenomics to all kinds of stuff, also has a chapter on chess. you can PM me and maybe i can send this. Of course i have no clue whether this is the greatest method. In general i do NOTlike his method for finding loci (using walls, corners, roofs and floor center for loci). But good luck using it with chess, there will probably be more resources on that! Nelson Dellis has a video about it i believe!

I like juggling as well, but i dont get to the 4 balls yet :(…

Hello Rookus,

I agree with you that the Vaughn Cube is a unique but not so practical method. Well at least I couldn’t use it and always prefer to have a unique memory palace. He doesn’t seem to need to make a connection between the item in the room and the story, He just places the story on the wall or ceiling. That doesn’t work for me because I need something to remind me what the story is. The Chess part in his book if I remember correctly is more about the board and the knight tour. Not so practical for endgame studies and openings. Chess is still a work in progress but I have a good feeling it will work when I put enough work in it. When it comes to juggling no four balls for me either I stick with three that is hard enough and plenty of tricks to be learned :grinning: