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Hi everyone!

I am new to this forum and I live in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
I’m not sure when I found out about various memory techniques and how it all began for me, but I was able to solve a Rubik’s cube in two minutes or less before I got into numbers and other things. (Yes I know it’s a long time for real cubers to solve the cube in two minutes. I’ll try to improve on that too).
During some point of this year, I got interested in remembering numbers, because I thought that I have a good number memory. I read the book “Memo” by By Oddbjørn that tells about different memory techniques and watched his youtube videos. These led me to look at videos of Dominic O’Brien and Nelson Dellis.
I soon got more books on the subject and read about “memory palaces” and things relating to memory and watched youtube videos about the subject.
At first, I tried to remember digits of pi.
Î found it quite easy to remember the 50 first digits and moved on. Now I can remember about 300 digits and am aiming for 1000. I am also trying to remember decks of cards etc. Google helped me find this place. I was searching for people who train their memory as a hobby or forums of these people in Finland or in Finnish, but in vain.
I swear that I am not cheating, but 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592 etc. up to 100-200 digits come with ease. Sometimes I make a mistake or two if I try 300. I try to rehearse the digits regularly.
The biggest challenge I have, is live friends with this same kind of “crazy hobby”. Some people like to play in a team of eleven men and try to get a round ball into the opponents net (that is also a hobby of mine I at least try to follow on TV) and some people like to drive cars in circles (F1). I like to watch those sports but I like to work with my mind too. How good can my memory get with training? That is what I’m trying to explore.
As I use the Finnish language, I have turned numbers to letters in a way that probably is not that common for english speaking people, but it works for me.
I found this ‘art of memory’-page by searching the net for memory and forums etc.
I am new to this, but here I have been testing my memory.
On cards, I am on Level 3 and have 12 cards to memorize to the next level.
On images, I am on Level 8 and have 22 images to memorize to reach level 9.
On names, numbers, and words I am on level 3.
I am not so familiar with this forum yet. I use journeys or places to store words for example in memorizing digits of pi. The words I then in turn change to numbers. I am interested in perfecting memory techniques and you can hit me with a message if you feel like it.
Thank you for having me here! :slight_smile:


Hi Polemikos, :slight_smile: your feats are already impressive. How does your number memory system work? Is it based on the shape of the numbers or does it play off the words?


I suck at these messages. Noticed this one just now. My number system memory works so, that I have a letter for every 0 to 9 number and of these letters I arrange words that I put into a memory palace. I have a couple of main memory palaces that I can store a hundred or so images. Trying to upgrade to Person, Action, Object so I can put 3 things in one memory slot. Did you get what I ment? It sounds difficult but it is simple.
How do you remember things?
I am very sorry that I answered you just now. I am new to thes private messageiing here. Kind regards Tommi Tampio, Helsinki Finland.

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