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Hello Every1,

I am Gourab from India. I live in the state of Odisha, which is in the east coast of my country. I am kind of unemployed but I do help my father in order to run his store in my city. I am applying for various govt. services and trying to get selected for a particular administration position.

I found this website after crawling the google search engine. I was looking for something on how to improve my memorising ability and eventually got connected to this platform.

to be very frank, I have a very less memorising capability. I wish I had a great brain, but I don’t. I am trying to make myself habitual to memorising things now.

The biggest problem I am facing right now is memorising squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, and a lot of current affairs topics.

Honestly, I have not tried anything apart from studying and remembering in a way that all do, but even if I practice and revise those, I am unable to remember. I hope I can learn something new in here…

Lastly, I decided to become a member of this website because I am not a very rich person who can afford to go to regular classes for mentoring and at my place 1-on-1 mentoring and guidance is not available.

Hope I have introduced myself properly…
Thanks & Regards,

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: