New Member - Peter From KL Malaysia

Hi everyone I’m not new to this site I joined ages ago but haven’t used it. I’m new to the blog and hope to keep with it.
My aim is to give my old slumped brain a ‘kick in the guts’ and stop my memory decline.
I can’t remember how I found this site! :slight_smile:
There isn’t a current memory feat for me to post, learning my wife’s mobile number would be a great start.
Best Regards


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Hey, Peter from KL Malaysia. Welcome. Seeing your post inspired me to add a post of my own just a minute ago.

Actually there’s one I still remember from a long time ago I tried using memonics to remember names, It was 1990 and I met a man named George at the local BP service station in Kunnunurra Western Australia and he liked ‘Barramundi fishing’ just like me. I imagined a Barramundi fish jumping out of a ‘gorge’ in his head.
To this day obviously I still remember his name and the meeting.