New Member - pcat - Central Illinois

Hello my name is Pamela.

I am a wildlife photographer and I enjoy playing euchre. I’ve had difficulty memorizing things all my life. My first goal is to be able to identify birds by sight and by their song. I have an app that is a game that helps with this. I’ve had some success with it.

In euchre I would like to be able to
Remember what is Trump
Remember what Trump has been played
Who does not have any more Trump
What off suits have been played
And eventually the exact cards that have been played and by whom.

I have learned how to remember Trump by making sets. The two jacks and the ace are one set. (if you don’t play euchre trust me that there are two trump jacks. LOL). The king and queen are a set. And the 9 and a 10 are the last set.

At the beginning of the trick the count is 0-0-0. If I lead a jack and then an ace, a queen, and a 9 fall, the count is now 2-1-1. Then I look at my hand to see what I have left. Let’s say I have the king trump and an off Ace. I know that there is one card out there they can take out my king. And one other Trump, though it is very small, that can take out my Ace if I don’t play my cards right.

This works well for me but when I try to add remembering something else such as what off suits have been led, then I get confused and find that I cannot remember both.

I would appreciate any suggestions of where I should start with either one of these goals. Thanks