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I’m 36, working as a software engineer. I am becoming a self-employed software consultant on 1 November 2021. It should be pretty exciting!

I am interested in why I remember some things quite well when I have not used any deliberate method to remember them. It seems to work best for work-related stuff. It feels like I link various things together by difference into networks (everything is not just arranged on a string, one “node” can have links too far more than one other “node”). The stuff doesn’t become images. Quite frankly, I have no idea what I keep these things as, but it works.

I have a tough time seeing images in my head, and my eyes are not cooperating as they do for most people due to a lazy eye that didn’t get surgically fixed until second grade or thereabout. I can only focus with one eye at a time. This makes my depth perception work differently as well. Not sure if this is why I have a hard time getting the deliberate methods to work for me, but it should make for a pretty exciting exploration journey.

I have tried quite a bit on some deliberate memory techniques like arranging items in a memory palace. I think I understand the theory, but the practical part feels like it doesn’t fit my mind somehow. The mental effort of getting things into the palace feels mind-boggling to me. I’d like to explore further why it is so hard for me and work to overcome it. The same goes with using pegs, the major system, and so on.



Thank you @Liam

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