New member: Palazia, Finland

Hi, my name is Palazia, I’m 32 years old and I live in Finland in a small town.

My hobbies include learning Chinese, drawing, 3D modeling and memory techniques. I first learned about memory techniques over 10 years ago when I used to lament my bad memory and I read Memo: The Easiest Way to Improve Your Memory by Oddbjorn By. I thought the different techniques were cool, but I didn’t start practicing them back then. It was not until last year, I believe, that I started to get into memory techniques again and started to seriously practice them and now I own several books related to memory techniques. I even started to learn 3D modeling just to be able to construct my own virtual memory palaces. The thing I like the most about memory techniques is that it makes learning fun.

My biggest challenge has been finding enough memory palaces for my needs. It seems that I would need to find some kind of a reason or convenient excuse to be in different places and businesses in public, otherwise people might get suspicious of me and this has been one of my biggest worries when it comes to finding more memory palaces. For example there is a local jewellery store in the town I live in but I’m worried that the staff and customers there might get suspicious of me if I explore too keenly.

Another thing I worry about is how to get as much loci out of empty open spaces, like fields, which don’t seem to have any obvious features or unique things that I can turn into loci. I would also like to place loci along roads but I don’t know to what extent that is possible.

My goal in general with memory techniques at the moment is to speed up learning Chinese and there’s a lot to learn. I also hope to be able to make contact with other like-minded people on the forum and get help for my memory technique related problems.