New member, Onurd from Turkey!

Hi everyone My name is Onur. Im from Turkey. Im 34 years old an mechanical engineer.
I always interested with brain enhancement exercises to use more of my brain. Years ago I tried speed reading but it didnt work for me. I could read fast but I couldnt focus so always I find myself in a dream :slight_smile: thats why I abandoned the fast reading. Recently I cannot focus and I became forgetful so I decided to put some work to brain and memory. Right now Im reading Moonwalking with Einstein to learn memory techniques. I`m open to any book or technique to enhance my memory, would you guys recommend any way, book or guideline for me?


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Check out this page: How Do I Get Started with Memory Techniques?


Welcome! I don’t think it’s correct to say you will use more of your brain, you’ll just be using your brain differently.

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Hi Do you want tran and competition on Ml

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Hi Jenny, I’m sorry I don’t have time for that kind of competition. :frowning:

Ok I understand but do you want to have connection with me on message and write and learn to know tohheter?