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Hello everyone,

Ive been practicing for 2 weeks now. It takes me a long time to set the order of the cards, about 5 minutes, but I can recall them in about 2 or 3 minutes. Sometimes, Ill modify the PAO, to PAP if a club is my 2nd card. Clubs are wrestlers, their action is their finishing move. So I could be giving my dad the tombstone if it is Ah, 2c, Kh. I also do this with spades, being pokemon lol.

Im a Safety Advisor, but would like to eventually switch careers. I was always good at memorizing numbers, even before learning of memory. I can speak some French, and I want to work at Swedish. Ive created visualizations for some words, woman is kvinna… I picture my sister(her name starts with a K wrapped in vines). Any tips on a system for storing information for a new language. Im really interested, I studied psych in university and was disappointed with how little I learned on memory.

I like hockey, softball and working out.

Cheers everyone,


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: