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I’m Gaël AKA Nobasau from France, 26 years old. I’m currently working as a network tech and wish to become engineer in cybersecurity some day.

I discovered memory techniques a few years ago, when i was a student. But at that time, it didn’t really help me with my studies. Of course it’s always fun when you use them but I was unable to apply the memory techniques to the fields of my studies. After the life goes on a bit, it was part of the past and slowly vanished.

Then, after the first years working full-time as an it tech, my interest get in again. I dabbled once more, memorise 100 digits of pi in 10 minutes, went to a memory seminar, was eager to train and memorize anything, bought my first deck of cards. And again, i don’t remember how or when (hey i’m learning art of memory and can’t remember ? what the heck ? come on!), it became a thing of the past, and i slowly went back to my old habits.

And here we are for an other round, i hope it will last this time. With the Covid-19 and the quarantine, i have a lot of time in my hand. I’m learning to program in python and follow a course or two on the subject of ethical hacking, i tell myself, let’s try this hocus pocus one more time.

But i have a goal this time, not alone and lonesome on this journey anymore. I found this forum and want to give a try in the next french memory open.

I’m not a native speaker in english, sorry for mistakes.

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Welcome! Join us at the newly founded ASM : :slight_smile:)
…on top of absorbing all the data on this wonderful forum!