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Hi everybody.
I am a medical student from Italy and i’ve always been fascinated by the mind and how to take advantage of its potentiality.
I started looking for memory techniques after been using the memory palace for studying, and only recently i’ve found how to increase the possibilities that these techniques can give me .
I’m currently applying only the PAO 00-99 system with the major system, both numbers and cards. I am willing to create my own 3 digit system (in italian i have less resources so it’s taking me a lot more time than it should) so i could try to apply it to the Shadow system and the classic 3 digit number system that A. Mullen is applying right now. I am trying to create a 3 digit system also to have additional 1000 potential loci for my study system that i am applying for the Italian university system, that is probably one of the hardest in the world concerning medical studies.
Right now i can memorize a 52 deck in around 5 minutes, memorize 80-90 digits in 5 minutes, but of course i would love to improve my skills that right now are far from being mediocre.
If anybody could help me in creating a 3 digit system or tell me how to have a better way of applying the 00-99 pao it would be super nice.
Good Grocery List to everybody


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Where are you stuck with the 3-digit system? If you haven’t seen it yet, there are some examples of 3-digit Major Systems on the Major System Examples page.

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i couldn’t find it in italian ( creating it in my native tongue is mandatory if i wanna get very fast). i will go there right now :slight_smile: thank you so much

Since you need a lot a lot a lot of loci, and you want to add a digit to your two digit system, you could use your loci as your extra digit.

I would create a vast network of small loci with 10 fixed locations each. Every station sending you to another loci with 10 locations. I did a little experiment with that way back and it was working rather well. Who knows, maybe it could work for you too :grin:. I know, crazy …

Let’s try with an example of using a random number generator to actually start building this.

Example : 757 placing my 75 in the 7th place of any Palace ( I’m using whatever place my 75 makes me think of)

that 7th place let’s say it’s a chair, brings me to a furniture store that I know.

961 placing my 96 in location number one of the furniture store, which brings me to the hockey Stadium, where I place my 92 in the 9th location for the number 929

That was for 757 961 929

I keep going till they’re all covered, sometimes going back to past palaces where there are many stations left…

after that I could just go through and find these random numbers and/or actually leave them there permanently with the help of many visitations and use the associations I’ve made at every location to create the new image that it will always be.

well there’s a lot of things we could do with this. We now have many many many new palaces for studies. They are all interlinked AND with extra cool images representing 3 digit numbers. These images cannot really get mixed with the study material coming soon because they have been permanently there with all the visiting that they can only help in building even more associations with the study material.

Or you could use your p a o images. You actually have two images to choose from for every 3 digits and just pick the one that’s the most memorable to you. Even if you still want to use your p a o system, I don’t think they would get mixed up because of the different approach in memorizing and all the practicing involved. But then again that really depends on how you work with them and what you want to use them for later on, which I don’t know about.

But then again, I might be completely crazy and I’m sorry if there’s no relevance to what you’re actually trying to do. :dizzy_face: :hear_no_evil::smile_cat:


wow thank you so much for this insight. I would try to understand it properly and then i’ll tell you if it works for me. right now i am trying really hard to keep it as simple as possible but i think that your system could work with some practice.

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Great! it’s actually more simple in practice once you get started. Also easier to understand the full potential of it if tried. And if it’s just to collect many palaces one could use any objects instead of numbers.

But the really simple idea is the one I give in the second last paragraph.

Or have you tried dipping your 92 in Nutella 922 or peanut butter (992) ? splashing it with jam or plunging it in limon gelato ? 962 and 972 ? Or 926 and 927 whichever you prefer… :joy: these are great fun and useful also.

Check-out the shape number system if you haven’t. Erol shape number thread is awesome. I sure do like to diversify.


for me 922 shoul be p/b n n, so i can’t dip my Paolo Nutini(92)-getting drunk drinking-beer in it XD


i’ve checked and the 000-999 list are 404 , i don’t know why :frowning:

It looks like the person deleted their file. I’ve removed that link from the page.

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do you happen to have any other useful link to prefilled 000 999 ? :grimacing:

You could also check the PAO System Examples page.

I recommend filling out as many images as you can on your own, and then asking for suggestions on specific numbers that you’re having trouble with. The images will probably stick better if you come up with them yourself.


one day while I was breaking my head on my table with The major system and Dominic system and The Saga zissou system :joy: So I maybe know a bit of what you’re going through and I wish someone had repeated to me enough so I would click out of it earlier :

focus on your goal my friend, pick an image you love, that’s what we remember, link it to a number in any way you can imagine, review, place in a palace and review. If it makes you remember the number and the number brings you back to the image then it doesn’t matter what system is used and it will be a party :boom::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::volcano::milky_way::stars::man_dancing: soon will all the numbers’ images!

I understand and apologize if this is not welcomed. It is all in good spirit of sharing with great pleasure.

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thank you so much. I don’t get upset by receiving constructive opinions, they are called constructive for a reason :smiley:


Welcome to the forum.

I did a 2-year contract in Ivrea in the mid-80s.

I don’t need a course on memory to remember all the good things :slight_smile:

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Ciao Nicola!

Great to see a fellow italiano here :smile:

That’s amazing! Looking forward to see your progress.

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Hey :slight_smile: that’s my absolute record and actually i don’t think i can do better than that without some luck, but i am training getting better Loci and PAO associations. Grazie :slight_smile: