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I am related to anyone in this planet. Mother to my son, wife to my husband, daughter to my parents, and so on. I work as a nurse in three countries. I was introduced to Coursera by a professor to whom I shared my passion for a Ph.D. Then, I encountered and completed course “Learning how to learn”.

This Art of Memory was referred by “learning how to learn” team. What I like the most is the association between what I need to learn and what I have known. Far earlier in my learning journey, I was recognized as having a “good memory” because “I could remember an article walking down two flights of the stairs”.

I questioned that I might have memory issues when I worked at night. I had memory test which was normal but a neuro distraction from working night.

Because I applied for Ph.D and would start in Fall 2018, I want to boost my learning skill.

I decided to join the community to share and learn.

Thank you, the team for the creation you work on!

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: