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I’m Nick, I’m a follower of Jesus. I work in facilities services, supply chain and transportation; loving and working in north Mississippi
Teachers and family members have told me about various memory techniques, but my father-in-law is most outspoken, praising the usefulness of mnemonics. I like their capability to tie the new or mundane to something one will remember.
Memory feat? I don’t really have one, but I can remember random phone numbers from long ago.
Challenges come mostly in forgetfulness, which I’m learning is a symptom of not caring about the person/event/object in question. Likewise with distractions.
I’m impressed with the random stuff memory athletes have committed to, like license plates, decks of cards, and pi, but I don’t have time for randomness just yet. Needful memorization is my thing, by that I mean being able to recall my agenda for the day, remembering my wife’s likes and dislikes, remembering look at my planner, remembering to take everything with me for a task. Stuff that is truly impactful for my family and for my Savior today.
I became a member of Art if Memory to learn some tools!


Hi Nick.
I would suggest you first;

  • write down the list of categories you mentioned.
  • Then find which ones should be permanent, and which ones are randomised.

Your tasks to remember;

  • Wife’s Likes | Dislikes
  • What to take with you
  • Agenda
  • Planner

Anything that’s permanent such as your Wife’s Likes and Dislikes, her birthday, anniversary and every other detail can be memorised with a small memory palace.

However, for this type of list I would suggest you use the Body loci method rather than a memory palace, because since this is used for a person, it makes sense to use the body method. Here is a quick explanation of it. If you need more help with it, let me know.

Other daily random tasks can also be memorised with either the body loci, car loci, or a memory palace method such as your office.

If you practice “linking method” with the items on your list, you’ll get better and faster at doing it, and will be very easy for you to memorise and recall it all later whenever you wanted to.

To remember to look at your planner, remember that an Elephant never forgets.
Basically, each time you walk into your office you hear an Elephant screaming.
Think of an Angry Elephant, jumping on your planner while screaming at you, and blowing a huge amount of Coffee from it’s trunk to your face to wake you up, and to make you aware that you should be checking your planner.

This is similar to how you’d remember where you left your keys or your car. Think of an angry animal, such as an angry Monkey. Each time you put your keys down, imagine that the monkey is picking it up from where you placed, and hits you over the head with it while screaming at you to remember it.

I have to also mention that, you have to mentally “Decide” to remember whatever you are trying to remember. This will bring your mind into Focus for whatever you are doing and or to memorise any list or task.

Lastly, I will recommend a book that should also be very useful because of why you want to use it. “Mastering Memory | 75 Memory Hacks” by Brad Zupp. I’m sure you’ll find it at Amazon.

I use memory techniques mostly in my daily life, business and personal. After you practice it a while, you’ll find it so useful and a very handy to skill to have to make your life much easier than it is now.

Welcome to the forum.

Thank you very much! Very kind of you to pass on this info, and I’m glad to know you use it practically.

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