New member, Nasr, Lebanon

I’m currently a 16 year old male , I have a terrible memory so I just googled how to get a better memory as a joke, but to my surprise I actually found something.
I’m bad with languages and names, I’m good at memorizing lists by using a memory palace, I also have a lot of trouble getting new memory palaces so I’m very limited.
I need a good memory because I can’t even talk to my family because of It, I need to learn Russian so I could talk to them but I just keep forgetting, l can’t even talk well with my family at home because I’m not good at anything other than English.
My goal is to be able to learn Russian and Arabic, I also hope to become a priest In the future , so I need to memorize the Bible And if possible I hope to have an excellent memory.
I hope that I could learn from all of you


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: