New Member: Mothcake, United States!

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah, I’m a 19-year-old sophomore studying computer science at my local technical college.

I’ve messed around in the past with memory techniques like the memory palace, and am now actively trying to learn methods that will help me better observe and recall the people and places around me, as well as information I’ve studied.

My goal with this is to be more present with the people I’m with, have better knowledge of the places I’ve been (perhaps even use those places for memory palaces), and better retain knowledge for my career and life ahead.

I really enjoy reading, food and drink, and playing games. Dungeons and Dragons is probably my favorite. Lovely to e-meet you!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

You might be interested in the D&D Monster Peg Lists thread.

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That is awesome, thank you for the link and the warm welcome Josh! :relaxed:

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