New Member: Michał, Poland

Hello everyone,

I’m 30 years old. I’ve graduated Computer Science few years ago. Since then I work in IT industry (mainly as a coder).

I am interested in mnemonics as a tool which I can use to improve my self-paced learning efforts (foreign languages, technical knowledge, general knowledge etc.)

Currently memory sport competitions are not my ambition. Maybe, thanks to this forum I will fall in love with it one day. But for now, I’m more interested in methods how to learn quickly and remember things for the rest of my life.

My experience:
So far my experience with “memory hacks” is few years of SRS usage. (Anki)
I really love how pieces of information stays in the head thanks to Anki.

I’ve tried memory palaces in the past a little bit, but nothing serious.

My goals:

  • to learn about (and experiment with) top-class memory techniques. Then design my personal learning system which uses them.
  • to learn about top-class memory techniques so I can pass the knowledge to my children as soon as possible. I would like to make their school life easy from the beginning.
  • to find a way to organize knowledge in one, big mental model (in oppose to thousands of little facts scattered in the head)

My struggles:

  • For now my children are still very young (0.5 and 3 years old). Because of that, my sleep “schedule” is really unhealthy. Additionally parental activities consumes 95% of “free” time and 99% of energy. I’m looking for any hints/hack how to squeeze additional time for personal development. I’m trying to not die inside because of dull, everyday duties. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but I’ve managed to fit in some extra studying by listening to audiobooks when I’m driving.

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