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I am a medical student in 3rd year and I’m here because medical school supposedly gets increasingly hard. I’m here to improve my memory during the lockdown before schools reopen.

I’ve always just wanted to improve my memory. If remembering schoolwork would become easier and less time consuming then I would enjoy my twenties instead of carrying the “medical students dont have a social life” notion along.

So I had Kevin Horsley’s book, still havent finished it. Then watched Memory on Netflix and now I’m two chapters to the end of Moonwalking with Einstein. Then I saw this site in reddit and now I’m here.:grin:
Ths totally sounds like a journal entry but oh well😅


Welcome to the site @MemoMaestro. You will find many interesting and new stuff here, keep looking for them. The community is always here for help.


Welcome. There is a user who used memory technics for graduating medical school:

Hope your time there is great.



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Thanks… I’ll definitely check it out

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