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I’m a teenager, 15 years old.
I’m an introvert and i love reading and learning new things.

I started to look into memory techniques for trying to memorise notes from the various books i’ve read.
It seemed like a difficult first goal without having much knowledge about memory techniques.
Memorising names, faces, phone numbers and the like.

I’m confused as to where i should begin, and what techniques i should start learning?
Any help would be appreciated.

Note: I probably won’t be able to reply to comments( if any ) immediately. though i will reply when i’m online


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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I would start by creating a few memory palaces. Welcome to the site. Nice to see a younger member, hope it serves you well in your studies.

Welcome to this fantastic forum of like minded people. You will find answers to most of your questions here in the forum archives, just use the search facility for your topics and you will find multiple threads discussing almost everything art of memory has to offer.

You are also welcome to ask any level question, with specific areas when you are stuck, and you will get answers in multiple dimensions.

Hope you will enjoy your stay here.

Thanks for the welcome!. :smiley:

Memory palaces it is, then.

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i already am enjoying my stay! hope i always will.

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A good first one is your house. I will give you this experiment. Find 10 locations in your house. Make sure it is easy to travel in a linear way.

Location 1. Fire hydrant = Hydrogen
Location 2. Hot Air Balloon = Helium
Location 3. Lithium batteries = Lithium
Location 4. Berries= Beryllium
Location 5. A bored Ron= Boron
Location 6. A car bomb= Carbon
Location 7. It is night now, you see a row boat and it is being rowed be a Jen. Night-Row-Jen(maybe someone else can make better one lol) = Nitrogen
Location 8. Ox wearing an oxygen mask= Oxygen
Location 9. Flowers brushing their teeth- Flourine
Location 10- A dodge neon, if you are not sure what that is let’s go with the number 9 dancing at a rave and it is wearing neon glowsticks. = Neon

That’s the first 10 elements in the periodic table. Make sure you go 1,2,3,4 etc when you travel because this gives you the correct order. Try memorizing the order of those chemicals using those images pegged at those locations.

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Also, I try to make the images pop a bit. In a memory competition i cant always make amazing images but when studying and you have time, you can add some movement.

Picture that fire hydrant spraying water. The helium air balloon taking off. Maybe there’s some electricity from the batteries.

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Thanks for the Advice.
i’ll begin with my house as my first memory palace.

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