New Member , Medical student

Hello this is Abdeou from Algeria
medical student , 23 years old .

I really suffer inmedical school i cant remember even simple informations , i forget just after reading one lesson .

so , in order to be a good doctor i wanted to change this situation and learn how to memorize please help me :heart: :heart: .


@manotec welcome to the site. You will find lots of help by exploring the many topics within the forum and studying the sites wiki page. Good luck.

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thank you so much , can you help me with some links here to start ?

I’d recommend starting with the ebook linked here. Once you have the basics down I believe that there are many different posts on specifically learning medical subjects on this site, which you should be able to find :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the how to learn memory techniques page.