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A friendly hello to all forum users. I’ve been lurking around this forum for some time now and have now decided to become a member.

I am in my fifties, work in the financial industry, and have recently re-discovered the art of memory when I started learning French (again) and reading a book on French learning by Anthony Metivier.

This is not my first encounter with mnemonics and memory techniques. Many moons ago, I was nearing my final exams in university (business administration) and i was desperate to find a new method for getting the learning material into my head. In the nick of time, I found a book by Tony Buzan which was not only fascinating, but also turned out to be my life saver (not literally, of course). Unfortunately, I did not get too much time to spend with the bood, but with what I learned there, I was able to memorize enough to learn most of what I needed in one course. This is one of my fondest memories about using mnemonics.

Recent successes include: Learning the lyrics of five songs in the matter of just around five weeks and learning about 100 French vocabularies in 20 days. Not to mention quite a few shopping and “to do” lists.

My goal is to become better at applying memory techniques. I am particularly intrigued by the memory palaces. I used them for every song I learned, but somehow every approach I took was different. This tells me, I still have some ways to go, before feeling 100% comfortable with them. I also have questions about the memory palace that I still havent found a satisfactory answer for.

Thanks for having me here, I look forward to reading and participating in the forum.



Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Thanks Josh!

Welcome to the forum.

What are your memory palace questions?

Hi Deeptravel, my most pressing question about memory palaces is this: In one word: I fear that I could run out of them quickly. I have a list of about 50 and used up already ten. I am expanding the list as often as I can, but that takes too much time. As a result, I am using MPs as little as possible, even though my experience with them is superior to any other method. What I learned with MPs sticks.

I am planning to take an expansive course and/or learn a programming language (Python). The material I would have to learn would be substantial. I have had very good results with memory palaces so far (the lyrics of the songs I have memorized so far stick best with memory palaces), but I am literally afraid to run out of memory palaces when I think about using them in an expansive course.
I tried to solve this by stuffing as much as possible into every room or other location, but the images get so overloaded that I found it hard to recall the information. May be I havn’t tried it hard enough, but the information overload made it a frustrating experience.
I have a list of around 50 memory palaces that I could use if needed. But they are not equally good, eg I know my apartment where I live so well, that I could stuff say 25 locations in each room. My school from childhood, however, has gotten a little blurry and I think I could put only five informations into each room.
One suggestion on this forum was to use memory palaces as stores for other memory palaces. I havn’t tried that in earnest, to be honest, but I think that could overwhelm me.

I would be very interested in learning how your or other forum members deal with this.

Hey !

If you feel an overload when you place the loci close to each other, try to make your stories/images smaller. It’s not a problem to have a 5 cm high Albert Einstein, you will still remember he’s here. Same for the objects, animals, etc. Also, try to make each loci distinguishable from each other, even if they are little. That way, there’s no reason to feel an overload, the space is simply more densely filled with information.

If it doesn’t work for you, well, you’d have to continue like now, and maybe try to find longer mental palaces somehow. You could also take a notebook and a pen when you go to a new place, and draw or describe it to make it a new MP. Another way around that would be to create an imaginary MP, from scratsh, if you feel like it. It has some downfalls (takes time to create, can’t visit it irl, needs quite a lot of imagination) and advantages (you can create whatever you want and adapt it to the way you work).

But yeah, if MPs work well for you, stick with it. Personaly, I currently have 2 MPs, creating an imaginary 3rd, only one and a half are filled with about 2500 pi digits. The first two are quite big, 110 and 173 loci, based on places I know very well. I can place around 10 loci on an average room. I still have a ton of ideas for great MPs for the future, that could take me easily to 20 000 digits together : my house, walks ways, video games maps, more houses, etc.

Good luck !


Using your existing memory loci for new information is limited. Eventually it will be too dense and it will be hard to distinguish. Making new memory palaces, however is unlimited. You will never run out of locations, even if you think you will right now. Your list of 50 potential palaces is just a starting point. If you can picture a location in your mind, you can put something there.

You mentioned Anthony Metivier in your first post. A couple of years ago he had a video on youtube where he advised people to make a new palace every day, just for the skill practice. Great idea. You might consider doing that.

If you are very slow at making memory palaces you might be too perfectionistic about it.

You are right that when you use location the memories stick. They do.

I’ll start with that. Have a good day.

Hi gugu, excellent idea to “minimize” the objects. I tried and it felt good! Thanks for that. Sometimes it is just the little things that help. Literally!

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Hi deeptravel, I think you raised another good point: May be I am a little too perfectionist about the MPs. I have indeed watched Anthony’s video and I immediatley went about it. Many places I went to after watching that video were sketched into my “MP-book”. The challenge I encountered after that is that I didnt feel I would have strong enough relationship with e.g. the bank’s service center or the café I had sitten in for just one time. But as I am writing, I sense that I am making things too complicated already.
Thanks for your help!

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hi , welcome im the forums