New Member - MaxW

Hello all,

My name is Max, and I work as an Analyst in Sustainable Finance and developmental projects.
In the past I was acquainted with mnemonics through the books of Tony Buzan for Mind Maps and Speedreading years ago.
What rekindled my interest in the field is that I have the feeling my interests in acquiring knowledge in various fields heavily exceed the time I’m able to allocate to reading about certain topics. Therefore my current solution is to at least “make it count” and be able to retain the important material on topics I read up on.
Also, I’m very drawn to the concept of being able to use “my” mind palace in order to recall things, as I suspect many here are (after reading/seeing Sherlock Holmes at least).
So I’d be extremely happy for any recommendations on how to construct ones mind palace, what to look out for. I’ve done some general reading on the subject, but would still consider myself very much a “newbie” on this.



Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the how to learn memory techniques page. The free ebook there and the wiki both have resources on memory palaces and other memory techniques. There’s also a #method-of-loci tag with various discussions about it.

If you still have questions about mind palaces after you read through those links, post a question here in the forum and be as specific as you can about which part you’re stuck on.