New member: Matheus from Brazil

Hi everyone! Very happy to find this forum.

I’ve always used mnemonics in some form or another, but recently I’ve decided I’d like to delve deeper into memorization techniques. I’m addicted to learning new skills, but I’m also expecting a better comprehension of memory to improve my learning in many different areas, including a few hobbies.

I’m very curious about what techniques I could use to learn, for instance, Guideline Tetris patterns or fighting games frame data

But, since I’m mainly a visual artist, I’m interested in finding a way to train my capacity for drawing objects, places and faces from memory (besides sheer repetition, which is what artists usually do).


hey matheus
hope you have a good time here
feel happy to ask any questions
kind regards


Welcome. This has been very helpful to me, read it from the oldest post(page 2) to the newest:

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