New Member: Luisa Elena/Venezuela

Hi everyone:

I´m Luisa Elena, from Caracas Venezuela.

I´ve started a wondelfull course on superlearnig with Jonathan Levi few weeks ago and arrived to this community through his links and recommendations.

I always believed that I was doomed to have a poor memory, but now I am convinced that I can develop my memory to be more efficient in my reading, in my work as an executive coach and facilitator of learning spaces.

I want to remember what I read, the order of concepts, and also poems (I work with poetry in companies).

I am a beginner, the challenge scares me a little, but I hope to find valuable company and help in this great community.

Thanks for your welcome!
Greetings from Venezuela!



Hola Luisa! I also landed here because of Jonathan Levi’s course. I find it inspiring to read about people who changed their mindset about their memories just because they found the techniques. I suppose that’s going to be a huge boost for you as a coach!

Best of luck in this path, un saludo desde Chile :slight_smile: