New member:luca.minuel, Italy

Hi everybody, I’m Minuel (nickname for Manuel), and I’m an Italian Physics student.
I’ve discovered for the first time memory techniques watching the Italian mentalist Vanni De Luca’s Tedx (
I’ve always been surprised by how efficient our brain is and his untapped potential.
Another things that really interesting me is the fast calculation and the “calculator man”. I challenged math olympic during my high school, and knowing how to calculate fast, was one of the key to solve the team problems.
Also during my university exams I notice that sometimes using calculator make me waste a lot of time.
One of mine goal for the future will be challenge memory competition.
So that this world is not so popular (first of all in my country), I decided to subscribe in this forum, ready to learn and follow useful advice for my training.


Hi :blush:

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