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Hey, I am a 10th grade student looking forward to learning memory techniques for the following situations:

  • Mostly useless stuff like memorizing x digits of pi or something like that. I basically just want to learn how it works because I think it is fascinating that it works
  • Eventually school stuff like formulas or constants although I have never had a problem with memorizing stuff like this before.
  • Everyday problems like remembering phone numbers or shopping lists

I have read through a fair amount of wiki articles and of course the introductory pdf and I must say I am really surprised by how simple the techniques are to understand. I just don’t know exactly which of the dozens of systems to use yet and I hope maybe you can help me a bit with that by answering some questions.

For alphabet peg lists I chose the letter shape method and modified the example from the wiki a bit to my needs. I chose this because it seems the most convenient for me.
But when it comes to number systems I am really struggling. Nothing seems to be the perfect solution in my eyes. I don’t really like the major system as I am not a native speaker and would thus prefer a system where I do not need to know that many English words in order to find mnemonics. The dominic system does look counterintuitive to me and I also don’t know if I can come up with a 100 persons. The option that I thought would be the best for me is again a shape system as discussed in this thread. But since I am planning to use the PAO technique I think it would be a ton of work to make it compatible. Erols shaper system has already some actions in it (e.g. man pushing wheelchair) so this doesn’t look like it will work as it is.
Have you got any ideas what else I could use to memorize two digit numbers? Or is it just that I misunderstood anything and it will all work out?
Thank you for reading and letting me be a part of this awesome community!


Could you use the major system but use German instead of English words for number memorization? It seems like it could be adapted to any language that uses the Latin alphabet.

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Du kannst auch deutsche Wörter mit dem Major-System bilden :slight_smile:


Don t worry. It is very simple also without a system. You just need to give any image a 2 digit number. Give this a try, and you will have your 2 digit system started :

important dont take more than around 15 minutes for this. It is not important, no answer is wrong.

  1. pick 9 people close to you, close your eyes and imagine their faces, smiles, voices, bodies.
    Out of these 9 people, which one was the first you thought of ? This will be your number 01. Dont try to remember this is your number 1 .

Maybe 1 makes you think of a cigarette so someone who smokes or maybe Hates smoking and 1 makes you think of a cigarette anyways ? or 1 makes you think of a tall person ? What does 1 make you think of ? Or maybe 1 is just your favourite person ? If not, its ok, just think about 01 when thinking of this person right now. This person is 01, and dont think of anything else.

Do this for the 8 next people. 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09. Dont try to remember.

Dont worry if sometimes you cant think of someone for other numbers. Just choose the 9 people. Aunt? grand-father ? Singer ? Sister ? Father ? Cartoon ? Teacher ? just pick.

If you need help : maybe 3 makes you think of the letter m m3 m3 m3 so someone with m in their name, or breasts, muscles, lips…?

If 03 makes you think of nothing, so just choose any third person, the first person you think of. For now, dont try to remember this is your number 3. Just say out loud your 9 people and imagine them in you mind in any way you can.

Now you must have 9 people in your mind. Now forget them.

Close your eyes and imagine number 1 in his home, if you know his home. If not, what is the first place this person makes you think of ? Maybe a park you go to together ? a restaurant ? his home or anywhere… Close your eyes and imagine number 1 there. Dont be afraid to change your mind. Have fun imagining it as much detail as you can. Now again, imagine your number 1 in the place you gave him or her.

Tell me when you are done and share them here and we will start step 2

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Hi Luca0, Let me know if you need any help with the shaper system. I’ll be happy to explain it further.

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Da es ja deutsche Weltmeister im Sport gibt haben die natürlich die Deutsch passenden Systemen. Die deutsche hilfe-seite ist : , wobei die sagen den ‘Major System’ so für Deutsch zu benutzen :


Du wirst wahrscheinlich Einige hilfreiche Sachen auf die Seite finden wenn es um Deutsch passenden wegen geht. Aber außer das jeder hier ist nett und hilft gerne.


Another question: Are there any downsides to mixing different systems? For example using the shaper system for all the numbers except those where I don’t like the symbols and use the major system then?
I would like to have one final list of associations for every 2 digit number because I am certain that it will make me a lot faster than just thinking of a new mnemonic for every number that I want to remember.

Danke! I think it’s interesting that there is also a German website for this. Most kind of niche hobbies that I want to learn about on the internet are mostly documented in English which has luckily taught me to understand the language quite well. But the site you recommended seems to have some useful stuff that I will use for sure.

One thing that I am not quite sure how it is supposed to work is using the shaper system with the Person Action Object system since there are some numbers that kind of use both a person and an action.
Also is there like a final version of your system where all the different symbols are in one list that is convenient to study from?
Thank you for creating this system, I really like the concept.

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I get your point although I think it is easier if I use a system. But your post has helped me increasing my understanding the memory techniques. Thank you!

Also @SilvioB
I feel kind of dumb right now that I didn’t think of this. I guess I thought like this because parts of the major system are caused by the english phonetics (e.g. 0 and z) but that isn’t an actual problem. Thank you for pointing this out I guess I would never figured it out if you hadn’t.

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It doesnt matter what system or mixture of systems you use, the important thing is to have an image come up immediately when you see a given 2-digit number, right ? Focus on your objective saves a lot of time and effort. After you have a first image, no matter what it is, it becomes much easier to link an object/person/action or whatever you want to it. And if it is in a location, even easier to do this and easier to revise and update. You will have your PAO.

Since my previous crazy post has helped nonetheless, consider giving the following steps as much thought. This will be helpful no matter what system or systems you use.

…In your 01 person place, go to the first place you think of (perhaps a door ?) then place a different person there. It could be a person close to your 01 person, related or with a similar physical trait, or perhaps you make someone play drums (11 = drumstick) on this door, perhaps this person really plays drums in real life ? Perhaps its just someone that you know and really likes chinese food ? (11 = chopstick) Or maybe just someone that has a name that starts with A ? or HA ? like Andreas or Hans… (a sound = 1).

Now perhaps there is a kitchen in this place ? Go there. What does 12 make you think of ? a Person ? a Shape ? name ? birthday? Movie Twelve Monkeys ? It doesnt matter, just pick something or someone, the first that comes to mind, and make it swim in the water with the dishes, or sleeping in the refrigerator with the milk in his hair, just imagine this thing or person (or both !) in the kitchen in some way. This is your number 12. Place someone or something on the table = 13, someone in the bedroom = 14, bathroom =15. It doesnt matter what number you put where. Take someone and place it in a place in your 01 home. Then revisit them all, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. And dont worry, this will work.

do this for your number 02 to 09 + one special 00 guy, and you have your 2 digit-system + your memory palace you can go through, revise, update, and add your objects and actions easily.

and thats it ! Now, whenever you need to memorize a number, you take whatever place you want (a new place) and walking through it you place your number people in it.

Cheers and happy memorizing !

I’d say no, there aren’t any downsides, other than a lack of consistency. I started off mixing up a number of different approaches. And even though I do sometimes wish my approach were more consistent, I’ve learned to live with it and have continued with it (rather than going back and “correcting” previous memories). I think the only system I don’t use much at all is shapes for numbers. But 1-10 are rhymes, and 11-99 are mostly Major, with only a few exceptions. It’s nice to know the shapes, though, just in case the need should ever arise.

I also have a completely separate person list for 00-99 that is almost entirely based on the Major system. I created this list because sometimes it’s helpful to separate groups of numbers; having a person at the start of each new group helps me differentiate them.

I don’t use PAO at all. To me, PAO is mostly useful for memorizing playing cards, and the advantages gained by it don’t really impact the kind of memorizing I do, which is entirely for self-knowledge not competition.


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Hi Luca0,
I will have to make a seperate post about how the shaper system is used with PA and PAO.
Not sure why you want to use pao, it’s mostly used to compress more data when memorising, but it maybe hard to recall and takes more time study and prepare. However, with the shape system both are possible with the way I use it by way of The Clue Method mostly. I don’t use any persons in the shaper system, I use my persons as a memory palace, although the name of it was generated by Shape & Person which generated “SHApe + PERson” because initially that is what I thought of using and was using. Now I don’t use any persons but only the shapes, because each shape is 2 digits and each shape has a sound, its own action and an effect, which gives me 4 digits almost instantly. Adding a person into the scene is also easy if you want to compress more data/digits etc which then gives you the pao. What I use is the same principles of pa/pao however, I use SEAS as the method with this system rather than pa/pao, and so far it’s proving to give very good results for me. I’m not sure if anyone on the forum is using it so I can only speak for myself, but I am confident that once learned and prepared it can be very useful for memorising all sorts of data, and even compete in Memory League. It may not be the best and fastest system however I believe it has a few advantages one of which is that it can be used in any language.